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Live Events Overview

We are starting a series of live events to provide a more personalized education experience.

These events will be a combination of question & answer sessions as well as specific topic talks.

Question and Answer Sessions

The Q & A sessions will be comprised of user submitted questions. We are looking for questions that can be answered within 5 - 10 minutes. This allows us to cover many questions in each event. Think of this as a live video version of Stack Exchange.

All relevent content and source code that is developed during these sessions will be pushed out to our Live Stream Github repsoitory.

To sumbit a question, use the form on this page. We will decide which event to use your question(s) after we review them.

Note: even if we do not have upcoming events; we still want your questions for any future events.

Past Live Events

Upcoming Events

Submit a question
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If you would like to submit a question to be considered for a live event, please fill out this form.

Questions are reviewed and we will find the proper event to add them to. If your question is going to be used in an event, we will email you and give you the details of the event.