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is a website dedicated to teaching computer related topics. We teach pro level topics while often starting from the basics. We aim to save you the time involved with searching the web for good straight forward tutorials. Best of all, it's free!

Tutorials & Series

NodeMCU - Create a device that is controlled by a custom web interface.
10 Videos

Learn how to use the NodeMCU with the Arduino IDE to create a device that is controller remotely using a custom web interface! Source Here (updated once the series is finished):

Basics of Git
8 Videos

Learn the basics of Git using the Git Bash....

Using LESS for CSS
4 Videos

Learn how to use the LESS pre-processor to make more advanced, effective and efficient CSS!...

CSS Media Queries for Responsive Development
5 Videos

Learn how CSS Media Queries can be easily used to change the way HTML elements are displayed on a screen or printed depending on the rules you set...

Develop Responsive with Twitter Bootstrap
4 Videos

Learn how to use the responsive design tools provided within the Twitter Bootstrap framework. We look at breakpoints, the grid and showing/hiding elements...

Learn PDO The PHP Data Object
7 Videos

Learn how to use the PDO or PHP Data Object with a MySQL database. This will help you transition out of using the now depreciated mysqli functions in PHP....

Learn AJAX with jQuery and PHP
24 Videos

Learn AJAX concepts with PHP by building a task tracking web application. Should be familiar with HTML and CSS....

Developing a Dynamic Website 2014 - Extras
2 Videos

This playlist includes the 'extra' videos that go along with the Developing a Dynamic Website Series. These are a collection of videos and live events that discuss topics that are related to but do not necessarily fit into the series. To ...

Developing a Dynamic Website 2014 - The Series
112 Videos

In this series we build a dynamic website using a combination of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. Along with that we use some third party tools such as jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. This series is ongoing. We have created it in a w...

PHP and MySQL Databases - The Entire Series
33 Videos

This playlist includes all 3 of the "PHP Databases" chapters (32 Videos)....

PHP Arrays
11 Videos

In this series we go over some of the fundamentals of PHP arrays. We discuss the different types of arrays, multi-dimensional arrays, array functions, and even some useful applications for arrays....

Introduction to Web Databses using MySQL and phpMyAdmin
8 Videos

In this series we will go over the basics of setting up a database in MySQL using phpMyAdmin. We will also go over sketching and planning your database, relations, queries, conditions, joins and more. The example database we build will be...

Introduction to PHP | The basics explained
5 Videos

In this Series we will work with variables, arrays, GET, POST, and the IF conditional. We will create a page that allows you to dynamically change the content of the page, using elements on the page. This is a great series for anyone look...

Dynamic Web Development Basics - Series
5 Videos

In his series we will create a simple mysql database. Then we will setup a web page that connects to the database, retrieves data, then manipulates the data....